Variables of Research

The information is expressed in U.S. dollars (FOB INCOTERM - Free on Board), net kilogram and in the statistical unit of measurement (if this is anything other than kilograms).

The following parameters are available for research (exports and imports):

a) Merchandise;

b) Country (of destination on exports and of origin on imports);

c) Economic blocs (of destination on exports and of origin on imports).

The concepts and definitions used in AliceWeb Mercosur are:

Exports: corresponds to goods shipped to the outside without a set return;

Imports: corresponds to the entry of goods originating from outside, without a set return;

Merchandise: corresponds to any product subject to an export or import.

Since 1996,Mercosur members have switched over to the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM), based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

The system allows searching the goods in four major groups:

a) Chapter - HS 2

b) Heading - HS 4

c) Subheading - HS 6

d) NCM 8 digits

Country of destination (export): For the purpose of disseminating statistics on exports, it’s the country of destination that is known, at the time of the order, as the last country to which the goods are destined.

Country of origin (import): For the purpose of disseminating statistics on imports, is the country where there were grown agricultural products, minerals were extracted or manufactured goods were produced in whole or in part.

In the latter case, the country of origin is the one where the last phase of processing was completed in order to the product achieve its final form.

Economic blocs: The countries are grouped by economic blocs following the formation of geoeconomic regions and international agreements.

A country may be part of more than one economic bloc or geoeconomic region.

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